Friday, August 17, 2012

New Moon in Leo

14 days to flaunt your glamour.

Test shot #1. Not the most stunning start to L.G., but today slipped by fast...I thought I had more time to kill, waiting in the lobby of my friend John's office, and took this to see what I looked like -- but John came down lickity split and off we went to our evening of New Jersey extravaganza that culminated at Feathers to see SHARON NEEDLES perform!!!!

Since the heat killed my motivation to get up in punk/goth regalia to honor Sharon, I just clipped my black widow's rose hair clip and put on my blood drip choker, which you can barely see...Yes, my look is more frilly than fearful, but no matter, as my night ended on a very frightful note anyway -- while waiting for the PATH at 2:30 AM at the Harrison stop, a HUMONGOUS UNIDENTIFIABLE BUG crawled up my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOMIT! GAG! VOMIT!

Funny thing was that I saw it earlier and kept checking for it, to make sure it wasn't on the bench, coming after me, but it was worse, crawling up my leg so surreptitiously, it didn't giving me much of a sensation --AHHHHHHHHHHH WTF. I flicked it off, right onto its back and watched all it's legs shimmy and shake. No, I didn't kill it...I know, I'm too much of a hippie to ever be totally punk.

(BTW, the Black Rose hair clip is made by Dollsville NYC. Amazing stuff!!! I almost died! If you are in NYC and go out, Laura also sells her stuff at Oh! You Pretty Things at Le Poisson Rouge -- where I met her! I also have the Pink Flamingo clip too--love them!!!! The great thing about it is you can look totally plain, then just pop one on and instant fanciness!)