Friday, August 24, 2012

New Moon in Leo Day 8

Laced Glamour: Missed The Boat Take 116

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Mercury Rx is suppose to be over and we are suppose to be out of the shadow too, but its menacing influence is still in the air and causing havoc. If my day was suppose to go the way it was planned, Ingrid and I would of been at Riis Landing, Breezy Point right next to Fort Tilden, at the farthest end of Brooklyn at 11:30a.m. to get on a boat to go on a 4 hour whale watching trip. I was awake at 8am to get there on time, at Ingrid's by 10 and we were on the train shortly after, excited for our day out on the water....But instead of our idyllic nature day, we got onto the wrong train, wound up in the Third World part of Brooklyn and missed the boat being lost talking to a bunch of people that had no clue where we were going.... No matter, we are resolute gals and once we found out we were on a bus in the wrong direction, in the middle of nowhere, we flagged down a gypsy cab, who also had no idea where we wanted to go -- but no matter, it was impossible to get there by that time anyway, so we just took it to the nearest train station, which took a rather long time, and from there decided to go to Rockaway Beach....Later, I didn't want my extra clothes I hauled about all day to be in vain, so viola, outfit #2....and point of all this, Mercury RX still in effect.