Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mars enters Scorpio

Put the bass in your walk.

This is no time to be shy! Although Scorpio is the sign of secrets and mystery, there is a difference between being coy and being a puppet master. So, as Mars, the planet of power, ambition, sex, passion and war has entered Scorpio, one of its rulers and also synonymous with sex, power, intensity, death and transformation, be ready to give all you've got into all that you want, because now is when anything short of obsession isn't going to win your battles -- as this is the time to be consumed by your desires or have them consume you. Play it like a Scorpio, as in ready to go full on kamikaze if need be, as its dedication like that, that will make you who you want to be, in the life you crave.

As for areas per sign you have until October 6th to make and see a total transformation:
Aries: Finances
Taurus: Beauty
Gemini: Obligations
Cancer: Love
Leo: Family
Virgo: Expression
Libra: Possessions
Scorpio: Confidence
Sagittarius: Imagination
Capricorn: Friendships
Aquarius: Career
Pisces: Freedom

Back when I was a horny little teen, I use to keep a Lust List in my journal -- all the guys I thought were hot and totally doable....and it was back then that my libido was my driving force, and I guess even to this day, it still is, as I have accepted that I forever will have a crazy teenybopper in me that lives to lust like a hormonally imbalanced head to keep that fresh feeling alive, here is sampling of my latest lusts for the fun of it...After all, this is the transit of the sex planet in the sex sign...