Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moon in the 8th

Twisted fascinations.

I can't get enough of taking pictures of things I am utterly repulsed by. It's a compulsion, and thanks to living in my lovely part of town where there is something repellent that happens every day, I am never at a loss... Rushing on my way to make a train to the beach, after over sleeping and missing two ferries, off with no time to spare, this made me stop and back-up:

The most revolting thing about it, besides that tail, the one intact ear and that expression that seems to be on its face is that I can't even make sense of it: how the tail is by the head and the feet are facing each other. Did it get snapped in half? How? Was it really that gargantuan in size? Is there more than one? ...The grotesqueness is too big to bear.

P.S. By the time I got back almost 11 hours later, it was completely gone--and not because someone cleaned it up, but because there was just that much traffic. (Click on photo for total revulsion.)