Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mars enters Aquarius

Think eclectic!

Ahhh, I've always said there aren't any astro emergencies -- but then this weekend happened, and apparently there are! Seems a lot of people are going crazy reading about how the Earth's axis has changed, everyone is a different sign and  there is a new sign too -- but people, the astronomer who said it was giving his THEORY, NOT FACT on the matter.

Yes, the axis of the Earth has changed, but don't freak, the sky isn't falling! The signs are still the same, as the proof is in the pudding and if astrology has worked for you in the past, it will keep working for you in the future!!!! The dates of the signs are based on the season, the 0 axis of spring starts Aries, the start of the zodiac, not the constellations in the sky!!! Plus, this theory is old news, as naysayers of astrology have been saying it for years and no matter, the same basis for how the system is set up still works -- and note, the system was created with the knowledge the axis was in constant flux, which is why astrology is based on the seasons, not the constellations!!!

If you need to read more, here are links to articles to explain it more...and as the first article states, the astronomer was saying the whole thing about the axis and new sign is  a THEORY, NOT A FACT! So if you believed before, trust it is still the same...and if you never did, then it doesn't matter! As it stands, today and forever, it's always up to you to believe what you want in this life!!!!!