Sunday, March 27, 2011

Venus enters Pisces

Smile! The universe loves you!

Yippee, Venus, the planet of love, slipped into Pisces this morning at 2:53am and brings along gifts for all those it loves — which is everyone! You know it, when the sign of karma gets put into a position of pleasure, it's bliss all round! Watch for superb miracles to happen today until April 21!

For moi, I got two surprise checks!!!! My ex-neighbor had contacted me while I was away, saying she had some mail for me that her husband had seen sitting in the lobby. He thought it looked important, so he brought them in...and voila, it was! It was money I never suspected I'd be getting or existed — and it was about the same amount that my trip through Uruguay cost!!!!! How crazy is that???!!!!! All I can say: I LOVE VENUS IN PISCES, hope you will too!!!!