Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mercury enters Taurus

Being is believing.

OMG, emotion overload on Bethenny Ever After finale!!!! I know the finale aired a little while back, but this weekend I got to have a cable TV siesta and wound up watching the last few shows On Demand....Now, I can appreciate Bethenny--girl is a Scorpio. I get where she is coming from on so many levels....but still, you know, it's a reality show...but since I am in front of the box, I can't help myself...Anyway, I am in total awe of that girl. She really made it happen and we all saw it. The scene where she gets the official news and when Jason gives her his little congratulations speech and addressed everything, the fact she did it herself and she didn't need anyone else, and when she knew to say it's not luck--ahhhh! Does it get better than that? Fairy tale endings can come true.