Monday, January 23, 2012

Mars retrograde in Virgo

Get those second opinions!

Time to rework the details to gain perfection in your plans. Yes, Mars, the planet of ambition and passion is heading into reverse and it's going to cause a lot of second guessing, but not without reason, as this is the time to know all your options and not be shy to be too prudent with the direction you want to head. After all, you'll never know, unless you look again. As for areas per sign you'll want to double check the facts and recalibrate plans from now until April 13....

Aries: health, routines, organization
Taurus: love, creativity, fun
Gemini: home, family, nurturing
Cancer: learning, communications, community
Leo: money, self-worth, security
Virgo: instincts, image, ideas
Libra: dreams, vices, intuition
Scorpio: humanity, hopes, friends
Sagittarius: status, goals, authority
Capricorn: faith, idealism, truth
Aquarius: legacy, reinvention, power
Pisces: partnership, balance, justice