Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mercury and Venus meet for a moment; then head off in different directions.

Unpopular opinions get provoked.

Why Facebook would make me insane…

I admit I’m a psycho. I am a double Scorpio, which means I prefer traveling under the radar and feel an overwhelming vulnerability in most everything I do. Although this is mixed with copious amounts of polished cockiness, I still have a lot of synapses in my mind that don’t connect in a rational way and I can be driven over the edge at any given time. Anyone that is born between the approximate dates of Oct. 21-Nov. 22 can easily understand this — or born within a certain time that’ll dictate this influence that’s like a chronic rash that leaves behind an intense feeling of life and death at all times.

So, yes, Facebook. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Why aren’t you on Facebook?” or “You need to get on Facebook,” or “But it’s so fun,” I’d be able to afford a shrink. Seriously, what the fuck is the big deal with interacting with my friends — my real friends through my computer??? When did picking up the phone turn into such a big deal or why would playing such silly games be of interest to me? I don’t care to know what their moods are every single second of every single day. I don’t care that they’re having coffee; I don’t care that they’re about to walk their dog; I don’t care that they're about to go visit their mother. I don’t care! Not to say I don’t love them, but I don’t care to know every single nuance of their day and mood and in fact, think it is rather self-absorbed to post such trash and think that others really want to know. Tell me something useful or tell me nothing at all — and if it is so important, wouldn’t you just contact me in person anyway? To me, that is how I want my friendships to operate.

Yes, I know I am taking it too seriously when I say such shit, but I’ve heard more negative than positive, with crying friends calling me up because their ex switched his status to single or that their boyfriend didn’t respond to the cute new pictures they posted the day before, etc., etc. What good is it all? I feel most people are just editing their lives to portray themselves like the icons of who they want to be or think they are. Not that everyone is a dishonest loon on Facebook, but if a polygraph test were given to everyone on the site, the research will prove overwhelmingly in favor that people live much more drole lives than expressed.

Of course, I don’t negate there are lots of positive uses for this — as in people who are traveling, living far away, saving yourself from telling the same story too many times or connecting to people you haven’t seen in a long time...but for me, I live in one place with most people I know close enough or a phone call/plane ride away, I like repeating myself — and as for people in my past, they’re there for a reason. If I hated you back then, I’ll still hate you now. I am a double fixed sign, I don’t change that much…So, yes, I do see positive uses, but small in comparison to what I see as a platform for narcissism.

On top of that all, knowing I am psycho narcissist myself that often has a criminal amount of time to go off on the crazy train, I have to refrain — as I would be that nut job that when not getting a call back fast enough would track down that person’s Facebook to see if they’ve logged into their account or see if someone is really lying about canceling their plans with me. It’s all those little neurotic thoughts I can think and all the passive aggressive ways people can fuck up that have a chance for a showdown onto the computer and ultimately can make me lose me mind…and let’s not even go into stalking exes and seeing pictures of them with their new and prettier girlfriends.

Not to say I don’t believe in progress and humanity, but I don’t believe I know how to balance my sanity and all forms of technology and for that, you will never find me on Facebook.