Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Piscean pile-up: Mars and Venus conjunct, with Moon humping Uranus off to its side

Bizarre emotional releases.

At the time the idea of my day gets blown in a bad way and perfection is officially unattainable, I often indulge myself with letting the whole ship go down the drain. Today, once that switch flipped, I decided I hated everyone. After all, if blame is going to go out, I might as well be fair and make it for everyone. I hated my acupuncturist who cancelled my appointment just because I was 6 minutes late, the slow poke man on the sidewalk that seem to always shift his body in front of mine when trying to pass, the delivery guy for not being at my beckon call, the fricken Con-Ed workers that seem to always be drilling on my street throughout the day and too early in the morning. In fact, I even hated Oprah today...

She had on Susan Smith’s husband and caught up with him since the drowning of his two children in 1995. The first time I hated Oprah was when she had him on a few years after his sons' death. He was already a mess and she was trying to do her job — but in the worst emotionally-idiotic Aquarian way ever, asking if it gets harder and pointing out how at that time of the interview, the boys would have been of the age of starting little league — driving in the images and nails further into his heart and making him cry even harder. Sure, it’s TV, but there are other ways to inform and not have to take the basest way there…. Even though I love her on normal days and our relationship ratio is .01% irritation and 99.99% admiration, after that particular show, I wasn’t able to watch her for years. Today, that memory came back…and argh, when your relationship with Oprah turns imperfect, you might as well call it a day right then and there.