Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mars enters Aries

The survival instinct intensifies; a deeper hunger for victory.

The war is on! Woke up this morning to trauma, saw a mouse run from my bathroom to under a door — which slides into the wall and is no doubt the gateway to a total rodent hell. Came back in the afternoon armed with a box of steel wool to reclaim my turf. If those little fucks paid rent, fine, but this place is not big enough for all of us. My friend Sherene says the mouse is an auspicious sign of an obstacle about to be removed. I hope to God so, because I could use some barrier lifting and life drifting into a faster and dreamier lane that’s filled with never-ending love, happiness, health, wealth and beautiful excitement.

As it goes, this was just one of the signs that the next 38 days is going to be about loading up the mental artillery and fighting the fight, even if I’m not currently aware of all the other various struggles coming, as these kinds of tasks always seem to reveal themselves in their entirety when they want and when it does, I just have to be ready to go and prove my power or face defeat, which is never a viable option — fortunately (and unfortunately). Oh ya, victory or bust!

…and in other whogivesafuck news, I won a yummy dark chocolate bar at the gym today, during a promotion The Vitamin Shoppe was doing. I answered the question, “What is echinacea?” correctly. Then, being the greedy bastard I am, eyed the trail mix and double-downed for it. Although I was only half-right on the next question, I was able to talk my way to the prize — a thrill and a half I tell you… You know it, in this day and age, its important to celebrate any win that comes your way, no matter how great or small.