Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mercury enters Scorpio, my solar 1st

A period of self-realizations.

I, like any self-respecting double Scorpio, feel suspicious and secretive about everything. I know I am obsessive and I can't hold myself back from having my mind go over the deep end in most everything I do. Even if it's not showing on my face, it's completely boiling over in my head. Despite my Gemini rising, I am prudent with my methods of communication, as any thing straying from the norm might possibly lead me to a new neurotic way of projecting and well, who wants to even chance that? However, ventured into trying the chat option on my Gmail today, which for some reason I never did ever and wow, it's sooo much fun! Who ever would of thought!!!

Seriously, it's like I am a cave woman that has just been defrosted in the modern age. I'm completely marveling at this new discovery!!! Tonight, I "chatted" with my friend that is traveling in Brazil and has been surfing in paradise; then my friend that lives in Korea logged on and was in Vietnam on a business trip; all the while chatted with my friend that lives down the street recovering from spinal meningitis. Later, my friend living in Israel appeared and I was able to wish him a Happy Birthday in real time!

Conclusion: I am totally retarded, but slightly less now.