Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Moon In Libra, my natal 5th

Feeling a little bit Siskel and a little bit Ebert.

Coincidentally, over the last week I've seen an exorbitant amount of movies at the theatre than normal. Although there were a few trips, there were not a few movies worth here are my two cents on the current state of choices at the cinema:

Jennifer's Body
Hot chicks (Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried) and a hot guy (Adam Brody) being bad, a winning combination that could never go wrong. If you take seeing this too seriously, you maybe should reconsider your whole attitude towards life. Sure, not exactly worth the $12 for the experience, unless you are one of those pervy men that like to go alone to moan out loud at the girl-on-girl kissing action, which is so ambiguous on who is doing it, you might as well stay home and try to imagine it with your cash still in your pocket. Otherwise, a perfectly fun and mindless time to share with friends and a bag of Twizzlers.

Paranormal Activity
Yawn fucking yawn. If they only edited out the last 5 seconds before the prologue, it could have been saved from absolute lame-o cheesiness. Had a few moments, but argh, who was paid to pump up the hype? They totally sold their soul to the devil, because this movie was straight up retarded...It was such a rip-off, to compensate we had to sneak into another movie, which lead us to...

The Stepfather
Not something I would of choose to see had it not been starting just as the other movie let out and had lots of extra seats available to be able to sit anywhere. I saw the original of this movie and love it!!!! This, not so much. It wasn't a total karaoke version, but it had its own moments of suspense...Not the best, but not the worst. Rent the original, it's way better.

Where The Wild Things Are
A forty-eight-page book that consists mostly of pictures stretched over a span of approximately 90 minutes to create a movie. You decide if that sounds like a good idea.