Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full moon in Virgo in my 4th house

Perfection gets verified in the details.

Even if I didn't want to believe in it, astrology finds a way to make me believe. This weekend, the full moon (which signify finales) just happen to land in my 4th house, which rules home and I did just happen to have moved — which must mean I am totally in tune with my universe!!!

...Not to say I was forced to pick up and go, coincidentally having this full moon seal my fate — but I did have to break my lease and things did happen to work out in this way, which I think is totally insane! So, as I am settling into my new life, just 7 blocks away from where I was, which in NYC means several light years away, I celebrate the new and cherish the old under this fab full moon!

Here is a pic of the moon from my new view! (…and even more craziness, the # pic on my camera was 1109!!!! It's fate!!!)

...and in other not-so-interesting news, due to my creative-half-mast brain that has been operating only on packing and unpacking functions, I have learned that a lot of people (who don't know me very well) get me fancy pens as gifts because I am a writer. Yo people, I use a laptop...and not waking up in my kitchen is already making me skinnier!

..and in slightly more interesting news:
Gentleman with a Van are the BEST movers ever!!!!! The company is run by a guy named Paul and while he was kind of cranky to deal with after a vehicle issue, the crew he sent was AMAZING! Totally efficient, polite, and on top of it. Absolutely nothing was damaged, missing or broken! Even the one egg I had thrown into a box with other groceries wasn't broken!!! I recommend them 100%. Plus, their rates are incredibly reasonably and they don't dawdle. When all was said and done, the move was completely stress-free and wound up being the least expensive of all the places I had called. So, if you are moving, call up Gentleman with a Van!

Here are the guys with proof of their relocating prowess — the one unbroken egg! (…and btw, my camera is dying, so all my pics as of late look as if there are in a dream sequence, which sort of suits me fine, as my life in transition right now totally feels dream-like!)