Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Venus and Jupiter together at last!

Instant pleasure.

Today marked a grand day in my life, as it was the day I was introduced to the depravity that is known as CHATROULETTE!!!

I was at my friend's hanging out with a bunch of people when my friend’s friend Matthew brought up Chatroulette. He explained it as a web cam chat room that connects you to random strangers, and every third person you get is usually some guy jerking off — and of course with that, we all wanted to get on it STAT.

OMG, did it deliver!

It's totally a porn super highway, with a few brilliant PG moments thrown in — like the two teen girls that flashed on the screen to say, "Shave the 'stache retard," to Matthew, then disappeared and the hot guy in Boston dancing with glow sticks in his kitchen, with only his aviators and pilot's cap on...and you don't even have to log in or register or anything. Just click on and you're ready to go!

Some highlights of our night on Chatroulette: