Friday, December 10, 2010

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

Recheck your sanity.

Mercury retrograde has arrived as of 7:04 AM EST. That means the monkey wrench had been officially thrown into the communication works and you can expect snafus in all things that deal with talking, walking and breathing. You know it, nothing comes easy when the planet closest to the earth decides to go on a lunch break and leaves every one hanging to sort out its mess, like a bitter secretary...  You can try to fight it, or you can take its cue and realize nothing has to be so urgent or so black and white. In Capricorn, the sign of building, it's about slow progress anyway, so at the least, this retrograde will verify or decimate your hunches.

As for me, for sure, it's making me a believer all over again. As my friend has told me, "You know Kiki, I don't believe in all that stuff you do, but Mercury in retrograde, I totally believe in that."

You know it, despite the calamity, the universe is acting in a way I can get again, as in aspects/transits and planets acting the way they should. For me personally, the Mercury retrograde is in my 9th house, ruling international relationships and lo-and-behold, just prior to the official RX, which is when it starts to gurgle, I heard from a few friends I haven't heard from in a while and all of them overseas! My friend in Buenos Aries, a Nepali friend living in Japan and one of my BFFs from high school in Korea! What are the chances? So no matter what chaos I will be stepping into until December 29th (when this whole debacle will settle down), I get there is a method to this madness and that it ultimately means I am not nuts, astrology does happen! Yeaaaaaay!