Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sun enters Capricorn

Whipping it all into shape.

Even despite all the insanity of Mercury Rx, Capricorn's power of efficiency can't be slowed, as in whipping all back into shape... As you might know, I like to tempt fate, but it does seem that I always have communication heavy activities when I am hitting the retrograde. Of course with X-mas underway, it's those holiday errands taking control--but this time around, X-mas miracles were all abound, and despite the obstacles, all wound up working out and I own this to the power of a Capricorn sun.

Example: My camera died on the first day of the retrograde, with no warning--as it was working smoothly the day before. I thought it was going to be hell getting it fixed, especially after going to the usual place with my warranty and told I had to send it back to the factory--which just sounded like the most impossible situation, as it was the holidays and Mercury Rx too...I saw a calender with months peeling away in my mind that went into 2012...but less than a week later, it came back all ready to go and despite what I read all over the Internet, I wasn't even charged for it! X-mas miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, as for the places in your life that you will experience a lift in efficiency:
Aries: Your sense of authority
Taurus: Higher learning, could be spiritual or even educational
Gemini: Power and revenge if you want it
Cancer: Commitments and knowing where your loyalties lie
Leo: Being helpful to those around you
Virgo: Wielding the power of the spotlight
Libra: Dealing with family
Scorpio: Expressing yourself
Sagittarius: Feeling calm
Capricorn: Trying new things
Aquarius: Leaving sentiment behind
Pisces: New bonds either with new or old friends