Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mercury enters Scorpio

There is more than meets the eye...

Shhhhh...Mercury has just slipped into secretive and mysterious Scorpio until November 2. So, as it goes, it means time to start keeping your thoughts and plans on the DL, and using a heavy hand in strategy to get by, as it will mean digging deeper for answers and holding tighter your tongue.

Yup, consider this phase a mental game of all or nothing, where nothing is quite as it seems and all that does meet the eye can merely be a display of smoke and mirrors. So, to get to the heart of anything now, it'll mean obsession, as in keeping a one-track mind with only having eyes on the prize. If you really want it, it means your mind will not stray from the duties at hand, as it will take 110% dedication and pledging allegiance to wanting to not only win, but have those enemies lose!

As for areas per sign to reshuffle the brain into total absorption, for maximum results, here it is:

Aries: Sex, power, money and magic can all be in your pocket now, but not if you spill the beans. Think of demure as your new black.
Taurus: If you want to really see who you can trust, give them enough rope to hang themselves and see what they do. You may be amazed at those results.
Gemini: There is no end to research and if you think there is, then you're missing something.
Cancer: Having fun and indulging in pleasure is not a diversion from progress, if you're doing it right.
Leo: Roots only come with cultivation. Hoe. Hoe. Hoe.
Virgo: It's not what another says that matters now, it's what they leave out. Read in-between those lines!
Libra: Money is power, not more debt.
Scorpio: Me, myself and I. Think it, be it, love it, live it. You're always right (Well, until Nov. 2).
Sagittarius: Don't let signs go unnoticed. The world is communicating to you in mysterious ways, so pay close attention.
Capricorn: Who cares who you know, unless they actually call you back.
Aquarius: Heavy is the head that wears the crown improperly.
Pisces: Bigger is better, and that also applies to honesty too.