Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venus enters Scorpio

Love without boundaries.

Hold onto your knickers, because Venus has just entered Scorpio! Yes, this is a high intensity time all the way, 24-7, and if whatever is making you feel the love doesn't also have the power to destroy you, then according to the laws of Venus in Scorpio, it isn't worth it and time to reconsider where you are going with it -- as that is how this transit rolls. It's all or nothing.

So, with this in mind, understand love means much more than holding hands now, as in diving deeper into the depths of your soul and scouring up every bit of who you are, and pledging it all to that in which you love, as it is only with this as your prerequisite that you have any chance of emotional success...which means, if you aren't feeling it, this period of time will only emphasize its need for a demise.

However, you do have now until November 2nd to get to the bottom of whatever compels you or uncover a thing or two that can suddenly do so, as this phase is also about secrets being revealed and discovering the magnitude of your intensity and willingness to commitment -- and not because you have to, but because you must, because the passion burns so strong inside you that you can't do anything else, but submit...

As for those areas per sign in which to let down the barricades and let passion wake or waste you, it is as follows...

Aries: Enters the dark side, as it's only going into deepest part of your psyche and living out your freaky fantasies that will satiation you now. Power, money, sex, live it, love it, be it.

Two heads are better than one. Some call it co-dependence, to you it's love. Why have it anyone other way when it feels so good?

Gemini: Give until you can't give anymore. If this means non-stop speed dialing, so be it. Attentiveness never killed anyone.
Cancer: You have a flair for romance, so wear it on your sleeve. As it goes, this is your time to indulge in everything that makes you feel good and sometimes that will mean choreographing all the scenes to fit your needs.

Leo: It's about building foundations and having your security now. If this means claiming total possession, well at the least, 9/10s is considered the law.
Virgo: Some call it obsession, but you know it as learning. Nothing like gathering as much information as possible, as it is the fuel to your fire.

Libra: Nothing personifies passion like the act of giving or getting something with a gigantic price tag -- either literally or metaphorically.

Scorpio: It's not just that you win, it's that others lose. Get what you deserve, as in what you want and all rights to gloat over your haters.

Sagittarius: It's your world and others are just in it for your amusement. If it means banishing them at your will, so be it.

Capricorn: It's all about who you know and having power in numbers, so don't be scared to spread that love of yours around.

Aquarius:  All work and no play can be quite a drag, so make fun at work and multitask for pleasure and profit.

Pisces: The language of love is universal, but only if you speak it properly.