Friday, March 23, 2012

Mercury enters Pisces

Believe in your visions!

Mercury in Pisces is not the most natural place for the communication planet to be. After all, Pisces are dreamers, romantics and they operate better in visual terms, rather than verbal ones, which makes the important info being passed to and fro now to be more like an illusionary vision. So, pay attention to and take cues from the periphery, as Pisces can tend to be a subtle sign, but lessons your learn now will be deep, karmic even…As for where these omens may pop up. Per sign:

Aries: In your dreams
Taurus: Among friends
Gemini: At work
Cancer: While traveling
Leo: During sex
Virgo: Meditating
Libra: While exercising
Scorpio: While being worshipped
Sagittarius: At home
Capricorn: While talking
Aquarius: On the phone
Pisces: Anywhere spontaneously