Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Moon In Sagittarius


Take a big sigh of relief and take solace in that cliche, "What hasn't killed you has made you stronger." Yes, you'll have finally reached a plateau today, as it's time to take on a happier attitude and re-center your chi. So, for the best results of your overall maintenance, jump start the adventure in these general areas for the next two weeks:

Aries: Your freedom. Break out!
Taurus: Your finances. Ask for a raise!
Gemini: Your partnerships. Have faith in your closest other!
Cancer: Your work environment. Hit up happy hour with co-workers!
Leo: Your creativity. Express yourself!
Virgo: Your home. Revamp your decor!
Libra: Your community. Throw a party!
Scorpio: Your possessions. Go shopping!
Sagittarius: Your confidence. Try something new!
Capricorn: Your generosity. Give more to others!
Aquarius: Your ideology. Trail blaze into the future!
Pisces: Your authority. Know you are right, always!