Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uranus Goes Direct In Aries

Spew out the crazy.

When it comes to planets, Uranus is the weirdo in the bunch. Factually, it is the coldest planet and it spins strangely from the others, as in the top or bottom faces the sun, making their night times last 40 years. Astrologically, it rules inventiveness, revolution and science. Currently, it is in Aries, which adds an extra dose of uncontrollable energy and today, it stopped retrograding and is going direct. So, that means time to let your crazy back out, but not the nutty kind, but the wild kind, in which you touch upon a sense of genius that turns it out for you and the world, as this is the era about embracing the chaos.

Of course, there is always a dark side to all that is good, so be prudent of your consciousness now too...which leads me to why there is a Lisa Ling report on Meth posted for today, it's because I watched it yesterday. I love Lisa Ling. The lady is smart and bad ass. She represents so good. Plus, she is married to a Korean guy and their babies will wind up looking like me! Sooo lucky for her...Anyway, here is a whole 50 minutes of sad crazy to the umpteenth degree: fallen superheroes, if only in their minds...

P.S. It's in English and subtitled in Spanish.