Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Full Moon In Gemini

Double-fist It

Congratulations Y'all, we made it to the last full moon of 2013 and it's in Gemini! So, by nature of the moon's duality, double-fist all you can. Yes, under the light of the Full Cold Moon, grab all your options, because just one will never do now.

As for areas to double-fist your way to happiness:
Aries: Gossip/Information.
Taurus: Comfort/Money
Gemini: Control/Victory
Cancer: Escape/Compassion

Leo: Friendship/Ideology
Virgo: Authority/Respect
Libra: Truth/Freedom
Scorpio: Sex/Power

Sagittarius: Peace/Beauty
Capricorn: Convenience/Fulfillment

Aquarius: Romance/Worship
Pisces: Nurturing/Sanctuary