Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mars Enters Libra

Time To Own Up

Mars is now in Libra until July 25, 2014! That is major news in the astro world because Mars, the planet of determination, ego, ambition and passionate-intensity-that-can-often-be-misunderstood-as-bitchery is usually done with each sign in 6 weeks. So, the fact that this masculine and sexual planet is going to lay back in Libra for over 7 months is heavy duty. As in there are going to be no more excuses to getting balance and peace into your life in a more meaningful way. After all, don't we all owe it to ourselves to feel life in the most absolutely pulchritudinous way capable? Of course, so here it goes with Mars in Libra, as in tick-tock...

As for places that will more dramatically feel this cosmic mandate, in terms of where to make changes or look for opportunities, it is as follows: 
(Remember to read your Sun sign and Rising sign (Click there to get your rising sign for free. You will need to know your time of birth.)
Aries: Restructuring your sense of equality with those closest to you, commitments, legal issues.
Taurus: Declaring peace with co-workers, taking back control of your time, maximizing your efforts for love and money.
Gemini: Working your creativity, falling in love for the beauty of it, being justly worshipped.
Cancer: Planting new roots, redefining your sense of security, dealings with family.
Leo: Challenging your brain, being community-minded, expressing yourself.
Virgo: Enjoying what you've earned, indulging your five senses, being self-assured.
Libra: Being a genius, starting a new journey, feeling motivated.
Scorpio: Learning to better balance reality and fantasy, trusting in karma, aiming towards Nirvana.
Sagittarius: Appreciating your truest friendships, helping the future be a better place, making solid connections.
Capricorn: Moving up the ladder of success, setting new standards, enjoying luxury.
Aquarius: Flexing your morality for strength and change, diving into new adventures, discovering new hopes and inspirations.
Pisces: Owning your inner power, practicing unconditional love, getting paid what you are worth and more.

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