Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mercury Goes Retrograde In Cancer

24 Days Of Mental Disturbance...
1. 2 blown-out tires in mts of Trinidad. (Luckily, lots of    hotness to the rescue & the party went on! #bunz)

2. Leaving our Trini family... Even their car was sad, overheating soon after we were dropped off at the airport . :(

3. Zzzzzzz.........

2 flat bike tires.

8 credit card "customer service" agents, 2 hours later, 0 resolution...yet.

6.  A limp launch of The World Cup, even in Little Brazil.

7. Crackheads.

8. A shitious day of anti-climatic World Cup watching. Wrong predictions and Uruguay sucking hard -- but still, not as hard as Greece. Thankfully, Colombia rocked my world... I'd say more, if I knew what is actually going on. So, I won't.

9. Being stuck on a line for 30 minutes with a SMELLY person behind me that had NO sense of personal space. NO, not Mercury Rx, just me being a bitch.

10.  2 days later, still can't get my friend's ginormous TV to change channels....stupid.