Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mercury Enters Back In Scorpio

Agent Provocateur

Mercury is back in Scorpio, post retrograde, as of November 8th, but it’s on Monday, the 10th, that the chatty planet goes past the degree it stalled on and can finally free you from the drama and traumas of the slow-down. Yes, with  the curiosity powerhouse back in full force to experience itself in the sign of sex, what are 5 must-do’s for all signs to best light up their minds for ultimate satisfaction?

·      Share a secret sexual fantasy, because even if you don’t actually perform it, the mental sharing of sauciness will be enough to titillate an exploration that will reveal what you and your baby really can bring into the bedroom.

·      Snooping doesn’t happen in healthy relationships. However, if you want to do investigate your baby to find something sweet — ideas for holiday presents — then, this is when a divine intervention will work for you.

·      Sexting and teasing with pics, words or any form of creative expression will have 10xs the power to rock you and your boo’s world. Remember, your mind is your most powerful sex toy.

·      Skeletons in the closet, take them out. Reveal vulnerabilities to heighten the intimacy on every level. Bravery is only the beginning of the rewards you’ll feel from this.

·      Keep your eyes on your own paper. Scorpio is the sign of jealousy and envy can test one’s confidence continually. Trust where you are in life is exactly where you need to be for absolute empowerment for your destiny.