Sunday, November 16, 2014

Venus In Sagittarius

It's Too Good To Be True

Today, starts the cycle of Venus in Sagittarius: the wily, winsome optimist that lives life to the fullest 24-7 and will believe what it wants to believe. Symbolized by the centaur, Sags are strong, physical creatures that live to spread their ideals, learn and spiritually keep evolving. Sexually, this is one of the fiercest places for Venus, as it's all about living for after orgasmic revelations. To take on this fiery and dreamy influence best, here are 5 no-fail tips to heat the flames from now until December 10:

1.     Spontaneity is what drives Sagittarians. This is a perfect time to nab those shy crushes by going for it. Put the moves on your baby when least expected.
2.     Fresh air and being one with nature is a Sagittarian ritual, even more so when it can mean getting it on out there too. In the woods, on the beach or parking somewhere scenic, landscapes will rev  libidos now.
3.     Sagittarians rule travel and adventure, which means donning a foreign accent, creating an exotic ambiance in the bedroom or role-playing strangers that meet on a layover with instant chemistry is the kind of fun that will trip the light fantastic now.
4.     Outrageous ballsiness is what Sagittarians are all about. Be blunt, bold and bad ass — as that is all the aphrodisiac you need to turn it up in yourself and in your boo.
5.     As rulers of competition, Sagittarians love to sweat to gain their victories. Bring out your edge in sport, board games or any sort of odd idea in which you go head-to-head with your baby and despite who actually wins in points, know the both of you will come away champions.