Monday, September 7, 2009

Mercury goes retrograde in Libra

23 days of aggravation.

It's only been 24 hours of mercury retrograde and I'm already done. Things are not normal, but just skewed enough to annoy the crap out of me. Woke up this morning crabbily and angrily to unnecessary loud talking right outside my door. Like why the fuck does anyone have to talk so loud to someone standing 6 inches away from them???? ...but who am I to complain? If they didn't wake me up, nothing was and I had already overslept 20 minutes past the time I was suppose meet at the train station to get to the beach. Fuck, fuck, fuck. How I slept through my alarm, the phone calls and a bunch of texts, I'll never know...

Hopped to it, threw my stuff in a bag and out the door STAT, to the subway, running down the steps against a horde of people hogging the fucking staircase and made it just in time to be able to touch the closed doors. ARGH! Minutes later, before feeling totally confused why I just didn't keep laying in bed, another train arrives. Even better, the exact one I would of wanted. Express, not local. I even get to the station with enough time to get an ice coffee for the ride.... and seems I'm not the only one late. We all missed the train, except one and oddly enough, he's always the last one to arrive. If that wasn't some sign of a surreal alternate universe, I don't know what was...

Met up with the others on the train and then throughout three various trains, we all met on the beach for a fab day, even despite the wind, clouds and chill.... Of course, mercury retrograde doesn't control the weather, so as for as screwing my day, it was fine as long as I stayed in one place. After all, mercury retrograde is only about technological mishaps, travel issues and communication snafus...Fast forward to the end of the day, and getting to the train just in time to watch it leave, missing the last one for the next two hours. Didn't even fight it, took defense back at the beach and had margaritas...

By the time we got the train and smoothly rode back, all giggly and chill, thought I was home free, until I got to my place to realize there was a funky smell in my apartment. Oh, yum, seems my toilet was clogged with a bouillabaisse of my shit, piss and wads of TP. Why I had to see the corn from yesterday's BBQ floating about like cereal was only the final touches to my day. With no option, hopped on my bike at 12:30 am to find a plunger. Who the hell would of suspected everyone in NYC would suddenly celebrate Labor Day and close their fucking stores, leaving NYC to feel like Greenville, Kentucky??? Whatever, perseverance got me through and by 3:00 a.m. after literally dealing with all my shit, was able to go to bed...One day down, 22 more to go.

On a less cranky note, Mercury retrogrades are periods to put the past to rest...Although summer 2009 isn't technically over, for the most part it is. Sucks...but here are some of those delightful remembrances to forever cherish:

My fave people watching beach game: homo-erotic best friends or gay lovers? You decide.

Sexy summer style.

Awkward summer romances.