Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Moon in Pisces

Fuck logic.

Mercury retrograde goes into full effect in 3 days, which means chaos is in the air. Prior to mercury's stall, there's a period before and after for a week that can fuck things up just the same, it’s called the shadow. So, since mercury is the planet of communication, all things in danger of being aggravated deal with that and a plethora of things can go wrong; here is a partial list:

• Computer breakdowns (Back-up your files!!!!)
• People from the past returning (Screen calls!!!!)
• Decisions being reversed (Don't count on anything!!!)
• Miscommunications (Double check everything!!!)
• Travel delays (Don't plan a tight schedule!!!)
• Negotiation slowdowns (Be flexible!!!)
• Lost items (Don't be stupid!!!)

Of course, it’s not always a dismal thing, sometimes reunions are good and going back to edit/redo things is perfect…But more times than not, they’re frustrating, like a window of happenings that brings out your brattiest self. Sucks.

Today, my Ipod fell into a fountain. Somehow, at this cafĂ©, it slipped off the table and was dangling by the headphone jack above water. When I went to grab it, the jack detached and in it went, sinking right to the bottom. At first nothing was wrong, then the screen got funky and now it won’t respond to touch. It’s like a fucking metaphor for my life… Whatever the case, it’s like I can’t even get away from this craziness even if I tried. The retrograde is happening and this astrology shit works. Fuck logic.