Sunday, September 20, 2009

Venus enters Virgo

Feeling sane is okay.

I feel it is my job to tempt fate. Doing what I do, knowing what I know and having to keep track of the things I have to track, that is why I must do what I do. If I say not to so something, I can't help but to sometimes go the opposite way and see what comes of it... Day one of Mercury retrograde, the official day the chaos ensues with crazy communication disruptions and supposedly sticking to the main rule: don't buy electronics — but after a month of trying to exist without TV and my apartment starting to feel like a spiritual retreat, I had to give in and one night compulsively bought a TV on the Internet and then an ipod the next day, due to my old one kamikazing into a fountain a few days prior. Although I knew it was wrong and I was probably pulling out the Queen of Spades at the bottom of a house of cards, I couldn't wait.

So far, the TV reunion has been nothing but true love. The ipod on the other hand acted up immediately, shifting songs sporadically in-between play. At first, I tried to ignore it, the next I spent cursing the fact that I should have known better, the retrograde fucking shit sucking ass fuck….made time to get back to the Apple store, waited on the line and DUH! It's like I am from 1837 sometimes, found out about the shuffle option on the ipod and that it’s something “fun.” A feature for modern enthusiasts to marvel over, but for me another irritant to shut down. Feeling stupid and behind, the chirpy salesperson then tells me I should return the ipod anyway because a new one is coming out and it has a video camera! Woohoo, seems this retrograde is working out in another mystery way!

Days later ditched the ipod and got upgraded to the new one and unloaded both my old ipods for a discount. Loving the new ipod for days after, until one day it seemed to just stop, dead. ARGH! Why don't I ever try to listen to myself???? …Go back to the store and let them know that even trying to reboot it in my computer, reset it holding the top and middle button, turning the lock on and off — everything, nothing worked, it was obviously messed up and of course it was destined to doom, it was released during a mercury retrograde!!!!! Although I didn’t go into all of that with the cashier, I did let him know I tried everything — all the tricks. He then takes it and says he will try one thing to reset. I tell him I tried it several times already, but go ahead. Five minutes later on only one try, the ipod lit up again as if nothing was ever wrong. WTF!!! Seems he was the Jesus of ipods and I suck.

Moral of this story: Mercury retrogrades can fuck with your mind in more ways than just one.