Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mars goes direct in Leo


Since Mars in Leo is hitting the highest part of my chart, I was under the delusion that the day Mars went direct would be exciting and brilliant, or at least allude to it. Dang, was I WRONG. Instead, it was intensely fiery and combative. What a downer! I am hoping in a few days it'll get in the groove in the right way and all the magic and happiness I think it will bring will come...until then, fuck people who have no manners, are drama queens, or vague, insane, whiny, slow, selfish, nosy, bossy, cocky, unworthy, boring, etc., etc...

...and in other Mars in Leo news, saw Good Hair, the Chris Rock documentary about hair. Loved it! My fave quote from the movie:

“(I was taught by a lot of old hustlers) they said that the only way you could have a upper hand on a woman is to be flyer than her.” Ice-T