Monday, March 15, 2010

New moon in Pisces

Oooh, and I feel sooooo pretty.

Days like these were made for escaping.

...anyway, Pisces is also a sign that can get scattered, as they fly by the seat of their pants and wear their heart on their sleeve...and so with that sort of energy, it really is too hard to say how fab or drab the results will be...unfortunately, this time around, it threw in a few monkey wrenches into my life. According to my horoscopes, which I wrote weeks ago, I would get a sudden change of routine. Of course, I always think something magical is going to happen, but never learn — as it's usually always something wrong that happens instead....Today, it was dealing with the Nor’easter’s aftermath and the leak in my bedroom from the roof... then waking up and dropping my laptop, in which the screen is now all fucked with only 75% of it working....I even had a weird feeling last night to leave it on the other side of my bed, which was carpeted — which leads me to also add, Pisces is also the sign of intuition...So lesson of the day: I am always right, but I just never know what form of right I am going to be and TRUST your intuition!!!! Listen to those little voices inside your head, no matter how minuscule the directions they tell you.

Subsequently, Pisces also represents escape and being a victim, so for that, I am thanking my lucky stars today that I have just that many options...