Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full moon In Scorpio

Big happenings come.

Scorpio is the sign of power, so when it comes to its annual full moon, there is no fucking around. In comes an influx of its energy, stirring up mystery, transformation, intensity and death. Although nothing has occurred to me directly, by association I am reeling from the craziness that is full moon in Scorpio! Again, even if I wasn’t a believer, I couldn’t deny this!

The evidence:
• A breakdown during the full moon in a friend’s 12th house, the area that involves institutions, psychiatry, drugs, and the subconscious.
• A book deal arriving as the full moon hit another friend’s house of commissions — as she also gets another paycheck due to her from ages ago!
• Then a TV development deal for another friend with the full moon in his house of contracts!!!
• A possible health crisis for a friend whose 4th house got hit with the full moon, affecting the area which that house represents.
• Then news of definite health crisis in another friend’s partnership house that affects him and his partner.
• Then, another friend who’s full moon came in his 1st house, the identity house, got layoff.
• The latest terrorist bomb scare in Times Square also happened...In the country's chart, the full moon was in the international relations house.
• ...and my favorite crazy happening: I learned one of my best friends has a secret superpower that she doesn't quite understand what it is, as she scored a freakishly high number in some state test that represents something significant, and it's so major that the military tracked her down at her mall job back in high school to try to recruit her. She had them take her to Sbarro's, then said, "No."

Anywho, is this really all just a coincidence? Think back on your last week. Has crazy turn of events happened to you or around you? If so, you've just been tagged by full moon in Scorpio and you're it.