Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Moon In Aries

As I was saying...

Out of all the classic fairy tale princess, Snow White was always my favorite. Back in the day, this might of been the case because we both had black hair, but it also could of been that she was the only one out of the princesses to not have to suffer such a disturbing fate. Sure, her stepmother wanted to see her not just dead, but mutilated, as in her heart put in a box to prove she was dead, but compared to Cinderella who had to clean after her nasty stepsisters all day and be degraded by her evil stepmother or Sleeping Beauty, who was put into a coma, little Snow White had it easy. Lucky Snow White was spared death, then found a safe haven with 7 sweet little men that loved her like crazy, and together they sang and danced their nights away.

Back then (and a bit now), I honestly didn't know why the prince was a better trade off. Partying with friends seemed like a perfectly fine life. Sure, his kiss brought her back to consciousness, but after that she was taken far from her friends to live in a remote castle to live an abstract ideal that couldn't be explained thoroughly, other than a very vague and subjective "happily ever after." For me, she already seemed as if she was "living happily" in the forest. Why couldn’t the prince move near her?

Sure, fairy tales are all laden with stuff that is detrimental to the plight of women's rights, but the message found in ditching your friends and moving far away to be in his life was when the story soured for me. If the story could be re-written, he'd of kissed her, then helped avenge her misfortune to reclaim the throne due to her and then merged their empires to rule happily and justly ever after, and with all those dwarfs given a place high up in the court....but it isn't my f'ing story, so don't wait for the sequel. The end.