Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mercury retrograde in my natal 12th house

Ahh! Argh! WTF!

The craziest/stupidest thing happened to me today. I lost one of my tarot cards. I left my them by my window, which was barely open, but it was windy...and of all bizarro things, the card that jumped ship was the Knight of Wands, the card that represents departure!!!!!

I've had my cards for more than half my life, getting them at the mall back in my teen years one random evening after being oh-so curious about them for so long. My friend drove me and helped pick them out, of all uninteresting stories...but through the years they've had quite the adventure, traveling throughout the country, east coast, west coast, the south, to Canada, South America and over to Europe and Asia several times. They have met many and helped more than a few.

Since obviously they are tarot cards, I can't help but read into the fact that this card went missing. Do I have to leave something, is something leaving me, am I running from a responsibility of some sort, etc.?

Later in the evening a friend came by and over a bottle of Prosecco on my roof we pondered why this could be, all the while me trying to use my night vision to spot the lost card on some random rooftop...but no, and then my friend said something that struck a cord, "Maybe it's time to let it go."

He theorized maybe my cards were holding me back from responsibilities of some sort. He was a bit buzzed, so was I, so he kind of lost his train of thought after a while, but the message came in loud and clear. Not to say I don't do anything without asking my cards, because I don't. I hardly even remember the things I say to myself and would say overall they have been more of a help to others than me, but I love them like one of my dearest friends and can't even imagine not conversating with them every so often like a friend...but even the dearest of friends grow apart.

Anyway, I don't even know the point of this post, other than to complain and whine, but it's so the perils of the 12th house in Mercury Rx which plagues one with hidden messages and psychological twists, so I thought I would throw this onto a page. How annoying!!! I can't wait until this retrograde ends and I can get my sense of humor back.

*Note: Mercury retrograde officially ends on Tuesday, May 11th, @6:28 PM EST. However, Mercury won't return to the degree it was when the retrograde started until May 29th. Until then, good luck and don't count on anything!!!