Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mercury goes direct in Taurus

Put your best foot forward!

My new shoes arrived just in time to walk ahead, right out of mercury retrograde in my 12th...and it's kind of funny too, since the 12th house rules the feet. New shoes are just what the universe is saying I have to have...and here they are!

They are as cute as pie, completely eco-friendly, made out of recycled/recyclable plastics and breathable, from this Brazilian company called
Melissa, which ranked as one of the greenest companies in the world....and what is even cooler, I just recently found out, is that they are also bubble gum scented!!!! Of all ridiculously adorable things, I'm in love!!!

Happy Mercury Goes Direct Day and enough of the menacing drama it brought with its trials and tribulations of communication sabotage! (...and btw, if you are a Gemini or Gemini rising, this too means you should go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes
— a cosmic mandate!)