Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moon In Scorpio

From deep inside your body will churn.

I use to think rat road kill was the most disgusting of all the urban decay, never stopping to snap the many dead pigeons I’ve seen — as they never looked so detrimental or so shockingly gruesome that I had to shoot it…at the least, they get to fly, not like rats who never know freedom beyond the want of survival…. but today, today I changed my mind…

Those INTESTINES! THAT EYE! THAT EYE IN THE BEAK!!!! It’s just TOO horrid for words. It’s SO INTENSE; it’s impossible not to feel as if you can smell the repulsion from just looking.(Click on pic for the complete vomit-inducing effect.)

...and speaking of intensity, and Scorpionic insanities, today my obsession with The Real Housewives of New Jersey took control and I had to trek my ass over to see the mess that is Danielle, who was doing a Q&A/book signing for her new memoir, The Naked Truth. Through traffic I rode my bike from way east downtown, through the midtown rush hour and on over to the upper west side, making it just in time to catch her in all her glory: the spray-tanned skin, the tight black dress, the perfectly manicured nails, the blown out hair, the utterly botoxed face and of course, nipples sticking right out to say, "Hello!" It just makes me love her even more.

...and of the most memorable moments of this otherwise fairly anti-climatic event: the insane fan in the front row that kept raising his hand to give his almost tearful monologues about how she is his inspiration, how fabulous he thinks she is, how she is such a great mom, etc. etc., etc, and how could I not love how she repeated several times throughout the Q&A in a completely solemn tone that she was, "not a victim, but a victor." Pure inspiration!