Thursday, May 27, 2010

Uranus enters Aries

When making sense turns subjective.

Ever since Uranus went into Aries I can't stop thinking about fried chicken. In particular, this sandwich:

Last Sunday I wandered into the cutest restaurant that resembled a barn, (Cheeky Sandwiches), looking for an ice coffee. Little did I know it would house one of the greatest culinary creations I'd seen in ages — the fried chicken sandwich on a homemade buttermilk biscuit with gravy and slaw. If I didn't already just scarf down a kimchi dog, it would have been down my throat already...So I swore I'd be back.

...After a few days of hitting the gym extra hard, and obsessing on this sandwich as if it were Christmas, I gave myself the green light to go get it and OMG, did it live up to the anticipation: juicy, tasty, crispy, milky and oh so comforting — YUM! ...words can not describe...and if only the story ended there...but it was the awakening of my secret obsession for fried chicken that grew day after day. The next day, while riding my bike past Kyochon Chicken, the latest fried chicken chain to hit Koreatown, NYC, forces beyond me pulled me in and momentarily, there I was with my Original Sal Sal Chicken Strips.

While I loved it, it wasn't as succulent as I'd wish, but fulfilling none the less and I ate ever crumb of the 6 piece box as if I were on death row and even contemplated getting a few more after. Yes, delicious! ...But instead of hopping back in line, I then got lost in memories of the most delicious pieces of fried chicken I've had through the years like some whacked out lovelorn ex. Obviously, KFC and Chick-fil-A have its own untouchable panache, but other NYC choices that I feel carry the torch in which I can't resist are:

  • F&B, which has the best chicken frites ever, but are no more, at least on 23rd in NYC.
  • Oh My Chicken in Flushing, Queens that hopefully have fixed their menu to not read, "One taste you forget after one bite."
  • Erb Thai in Greenpoint that has delicious popcorn chicken with tangy dipping sauce that melts all cares how I think I'm a vegetarian.

Anyway, with this transit lasting for the next 7 years, I can only hope I can control myself...Until then, expect more fried chicken updates to come...