Friday, September 3, 2010

Mercury Retrograde in my solar 11th

Ramshackling it's way through my house of hopes and dreams.

It's already happening. Today, I started getting excited about next Wednesday's new moon in Virgo, Jupiter going back to Pisces and Venus entering Scorpio for a super extended time. All are suppose to be amazing and even more amazing for me...but lately, every time I think there is going to be something special, it never happens...or if it does shows signs of something, it eventually gets taken away in a series of prolonged and confusing events.

It's dramatic and tragic in its own way, every time, so it should of been no shock to see a big dead cockroach in the entrance of my building as my first omen today. Then, yesterday, I saw dead ladybug in my apartment...and even my headphones.

In every Mercury retrograde, inevitably one pair of earphones always gets destroyed. This time, it was two, and in a matter of 24 hours...So, time to downsize on the expectations of triple threat Wednesday, just like today's disappointing Hurricane Earl?

..."OK, new moon in my house of hopes and wishes; Jupiter, the planet of luck, in my house of romance and career; and Venus, pleasure planet, lighting up my personal pleasure axis, what now?"

(Update: September 9th, killed another set of headphones, now making the total of 3 in just a week!)