Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full moon in Pisces

Feel the Nirvana.

A day reserved to feel as if you're going to burst open with emotions, and hopefully they're good ones, just like Marie's (West Side Story)...Otherwise, hit play and sing along until you're feeling it.

Update: Maybe it's the karma from bitching and moaning about noisy funerals and monks, but THIS DAY SUCKED! No matter how I try to follow my own advice, it's not going to work! Whatever, hypocrites give the best advice...Anyway, during the rain at 2am, somewhere on my bike ride home, my keys fell out of my pocket or bag!!!! In a state of panic and backtracking, with no luck, I had to call my friend from around the corner until he woke up, to get my spare set...how mercury retrograde, he's my friend from high school...and sweetly, he was a doll about it...So, yeah what in the hell is the universe trying to say? As it goes, this Pisces moon cycle began with me dropping my computer during the new moon and killing it and now it ends with this!!!! WTF... Anyway, just more complaining because I want to and I guess for me, this Pisces cycle is all about the woe is me factor...FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!...just saying...