Friday, August 13, 2010

Uranus re-enters Pisces, my solar 5th

Weird lessons regarding love...

Today, I decided I was going to start my traveling adventure early and take the train to the airport. Little did I forget that the reason I never do this is because I hate hauling my luggage up and down stairs, but lucky little me, this city is filled with lots of virile men that will do my dirty work.

As I was standing in front of the turnstile, contemplating why my ass wasn't in a cab, in comes kind-of-sexy-guy-#1 to carry up my suitcase and swoop them down two flights of stairs. Although he didn't speak any English (he was Spanish), he could muster enough English to tell me I was beautiful and really, what more did he need to say?

...However, after a transfer and a few more flights of stairs, he was starting to say he loved me, so I scooted over a little farther, and no worries, as there was yet another guy willing to jump in to save me. He had a hot body on him too, and was all about helping me sort out the various train lines and which specifically was going my way. (Fun factoid: The A train in NYC goes to the Airtran that takes you to the airport, but there are 3 different destinations on the A and only 2 of them will connect you to the right place.)

...Anyway, when Mr. Man #2 got to be too much, I turned around and there was yet another gentleman wanting to chat me up and find out all about my travels...So, lesson to be learned today ladies, if you want your ass to get picked up fast or just need a few good strokes to the ego, head to a subway, train or bus with a suitcase, because dudes love being helpful and nothing like hauling extra baggage, literally, to get the masochism out and swirling about you.

P.S. Two months ago, for a weekend trip I also had to haul my suitcase into the subway and once again, met a sexy Russian guy. He carried my suitcase over several flights of stairs and he even rolled it up a long mini hill underground. I'm telling you, suitcase and estrogen, a deadly combo for man...It's like shooting fish in a barrel!!!