Friday, August 20, 2010

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo

Ahhhh, memories...

On July 30th, three convicted murderers broke out of a maximum security jail in Arizona. While one was caught early on, two were still on the run, complete with a first cousin/lady love in tow. By August 6th another was caught in Wyoming, about 60 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park. Unfortunately, the armed incestuous couple was not. The following days, the search grew more intense, with the area of Yellowstone Park being the focus.

On August 15th, Julie G. and Kiki T. started their road trip towards the same destination, Yellowstone, the hotbed of fugitive action...but unlike the screwy cousins, they weren't running from the law, just reality and thankfully at every stop, there were willing participants ready to aid and abet their cause. However, by August 19th, both parties were no longer fugitives for varying reasons.

5-Day Fugitives

Special thanks to Jef, Chaz, James, Charity and Ken, fantastic enablers and of course, xoxox to my partner-in-crime, Yulie.