Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon in Libra

Chi, I feel good.

I'm one of those people who LOVE SLEEP and can do it for hours and hours and hours--and if I don't get it good, I'll be dramatic about it....So it was really disturbing to me when I realized since I moved into my current apartment over a year ago that I never really felt like I was getting amazing sleep--and I'm talking the kind of sleep that when I wake up, I already feel fulfilled with my day because the sleep was THAT good.....Sure, I got there were certain factors that could be the issue of my unrest, as in the location, my immediate environment, etc... but since I'm also a major procrastinator, getting around to fixing things is sometimes a work in perpetual progress....but spontaneously over these last few days, I snapped into gear and decided to sort things out--for one, make changes to my bedroom via trying out feng shui to see if it could help me get to that level of sleeping-high that I thrive on -- AND DON'T YOU KNOW IT, IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!!!!

Yes, since I "grounded" my bed on both sides, I am now back at sleeping at marathon lengths with winning levels of fullfillment, no joke, and I couldn't be more excited....So, if you happen to have fallen into the same quagmire as me, or just in overall disenchantment with any part of your life, here are a few simple feng shui tips I found on the internet that can help make turning that chi around in your life, to get it into better working order with minimal effort:

For Maximum Sex and Sleeping Power:
  • Don't put with your bed in direct line to the door, as that is the way the dead are brought out of a room. 
  • Ground your bed with two nightstands or pieces of furniture next to each side of your bed and be able to access into your bed from both sides.
  • Avoid sleeping under beams or anything that hangs from the ceiling, like a chandelier.
For Maximum Money and General Luck:
  • If you work at home, place your desk the farthest from the door to the left from the door, with your desk facing the door--and never place your desk with your back facing a door or a window.
  • Have blooming plants and flowers throughout your office space to promote good prosperity, but avoid arid and pointy plants, like cactus. Think lush greenery.
  • Avoid clutter, as it will stagnate the chi and stall business or the energy of whatever room it is in.
For Maximum Energy & Health Vitality:
  • To keep the energy fresh, move your furniture around periodically.
  • Keep bathroom and closet doors closed.
  • Place mirrors in places that reflect a beautiful view, but avoid placing big mirrors in your bedroom that reflect the bed, as it will deplete the energy.