Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mercury goes direct in Aries

What's next????

Royal Wedding Mania Begins! Who would of ever thought this would effect my life, but sure enough, I had to break open that ephemeris, put on my best church hat and white gloves, and share my expertise on all things astrology, Wills and Kate....To catch what I have to say, tune into The Daily Connection, NBC, Channel 4, @12:30-1PM EST where I discuss: Are they compatible? When is the next heir to the throne going to pop out? And are they marrying on a lucky day???? (Click to the link above for times and channels outside the NYC area.)

...and if the mailman lost your invite to the royal wedding for this Friday, April, 29, 2011, well screw 'em. Who needs all that pomp and circumstance so early in the morning any how? Instead, in your best PJs and pearls, join me and my co-host Countess Luann deLesseps, (Yes, the Money Can't Buy You Class lady), as we chat away on a live stream commentary of the day's unfurling regal events! Yes, the party begins at 6am and goes until 9am (when I will then promptly go back to bed), so set your alarms now!

However, do note I will be on from 7:30-9AM EST, and Luann will be on from 8-9AM, but a slew of other respectable citizens will also be co-hosting the event, so feel free to jump in anytime. Other co-hosts include: 
Elle Magazine's Creative Director, Joe Zee
Bravo's Pregnant in Heels' Host, Rosie Pope 
Daily Connection Correspondent, Kelly Wallace

So, in the words of Kim Zolciak, "Don't Be Tardy For the Party" (Prepare for ears to bleed....)