Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mercury in Virgo

Think for results...

I love my friend Sherene. Not only is she a dynamic Scorpio lady that is also a fellow astrologiste (She co-writes the horoscopes for Elle UK and the must-have Surviving Saturn's Return... In fact, it was Sherene who way back in the day taught me all about the Saturn Return!), she's also a Jungian psychoanalyst and a belly dancer!

40 days is when the first signs of brain activity can be recorded!
...Anyway, I love when we hang out because it usually involves lots of paella, sangria, tarot cards, laughs and major epiphanies. (Yes, we both have a lot of Sagittarius in us too. She is a Sag rising and I have 4 planets in that winsome and wacky sign!)...Anywhoo, last night she was telling me about her latest endeavor, Project 40, where she puts something of her life on the "altar" in which she is seeking a resolution too. Then, for 40 days (which she chose due to its metaphysical essence), she has a set series of tasks in which helps her draw up the clarity she needs to teach her whatever she needs to get to, in regard to what she puts on the altar...Yup, sounded interesting to me and her results were astonishing... So, as it goes with Mercury in Virgo, a mind is a terrible thing to waste; so here I go on my 40-day altar...and for those who want to join me and Sherene on the journey, here is what you need to do:

Have something in your life you want to put "on the altar." This could be clarity on your life's purpose, relationship issues, money, etc. It could be anything...then every day keep a journal or start a tumblr account (like Sherene has) and do and record these tasks:

Confession: Come to terms with something big or small per day, just free yourself of something.
Oracle: Draw a tarot card per day or use something to be an oracle. This can be opening your favorite book and pointing to a passage or pressing shuffle on your ipod and having the song that pops up represent something. It can also be some sign that comes to you per day and acknowledging it. Every day will be different, as who knows where messages can come from!
Sacrifice: Big or small, give up a bad habit for a day.
Relinquish: Let go of something per day, again big or little--from throwing away a pair of jeans to cutting your hair.
Inspiration: Find something every day that inspires you -- Sherene chose my notebook cover as her inspiration for today!
Exercise: Work your body every day in some way.
Structure: Write down all the things you do every day.

Then, hopefully in 40 days you'll find what you are looking for...