Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun in Leo II


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Uruguay is the winner of the Copa America 2011!!!!!!!!! (Not a surprise after beating Argentina to go into the semifinals!!!!!)  ....AND OMG, they played the hottest game ever!!!!

Diego Forlán is pure hotness, savaging his reputation as the golden boy of the team by finally scoring a goal in the 42nd minute and then hauling ass and making the game insanely amazing by scoring a third point in the LAST MINUTE!!!! Yes, three generations of champion genes is in that boy!!!!! 

....and of course that Luis Suárez was on fire as always, as each of his goals were made in sheer perfection--especially that one he salvaged from Diego's attempt during the Peru match!!!!! I love a team that truly works together and can look so hot all the while.

...and boooo for the Paraguay goalie for winning best goalie of the tournament. Sure, glad the country finally won something, but Fernando Muslera kicked ass--and hello, Uruguay won the tournament! He made the win from Argentina possible--and those players are considered the top of the game!!! Plus, Fernando is HOTNESS PERSONIFIED! He reminds me of the cute Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye, but a straight and super-buff-in-just-the-right-way version...

Anyway, waaah to the end of the Copa America, but BONSAI to Uruguay winning and putting themselves in #1 place for wins of the Copa America with a record 15!!!!!!! La Celeste is the best!!!!!!!!!!! They make watching soccer fun, even if you don't know any of the rules (like me)--because with so much hotness, who cares how it's played, as long as its got flair!

Now here is my slideshow of the hotness that is La Celeste:
In order of appearance:
Diego Forlán (Taurus, the consummate gentleman)
Fernando Muslera (Gemini, the playful spark of excitement)
Sebastian Coates (Libra, the gracious charmer)
Diego Lugano (Scorpio, the steadfast and mysterious enigma)
Luis Suárez (Aquarius, the electric and kinetic force of nature)
Martín Cáceres (Aries, the winsome warrior)