Friday, April 6, 2012

Full Moon in Libra, my natal 5th house

"I believe the children are our future..."

Having spent my last week and a half with my favorite person in the universe, J.T. Superstar, my cutie pie 4-yr.old nephew, I can't think straight because all my thoughts circle back to him and all the fun times we just had...So, since this full moon happens to fall in my 5th house, the ruler of children, you are just going to have to get inundated with cute images of the best person in my world, as it's an obsessive love that keeps giving and giving!

*7 cute facts about J.T. Superstar:
  • He thinks his Aunt Kiki is the prettiest girl in the world--even though he does have a crush on Beyonce, and says we're both pretty. The pic of him in the lazy boy in his mismatched PJs looking starry-eyed is when he happen to see B performing at Glastonbury on TV....and lil cutie is a one woman boy, as I asked him if he liked her backup dancers too, and he said, "No, just her." Thank god he has good taste!!!!
  • He never matches his PJs anymore after I introduced him to the world of mix and match.
  • He's a lil man with many personas: robot, inventor, zombie, detective, international playboy, etc.
  • Oh, and BTW, Lil J. is my brother Garrett's son--so he's the dude in the pics with us.
  • He's up for a dance party anywhere, especially on top of your bed.
  • He's as sweet as he is smart and handsome; note the little flower by the frog we found in the park. He picked it for him or her. CUTE!
  • He has his own Youtube channel that has snippets throughout his whole cute life! Guess who started it....