Friday, April 13, 2012

Mars goes direct in Virgo

Be too busy for repeating yourself.

Here we go again with our whiplash smiles and nervous energy driving us ahead, as Mars, the planet of results, is moving forward again in very succinct Virgo. So, time to get off the pot and put ideas back into motion with purpose. To refresh your memories of where to get your worker bee on, here is a link back to the original post of "Mars enters Virgo".

Hopefully, this cute little kitty will jog your brain. Either or, click onto the link above and get it all  back at you: what each sign should be focusing on from now until July 3, when this extra long transit will be over.

...and because I am still reeling from the shadow of the Mercury Rx shadow, as in my phone and internet are totally down for a week and will be another week before possibly returning, all you will get for this post is the stalled version of this gif...waah waah...So click above for full cuteness!