Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mars enters Virgo

Waste not, want now. 

Mars in Virgo means no fucking around and because it is staying put in one sign for an EPIC STAY of over 8 months (now until July 3, 2012), this time around it'll also mean NO EXCUSES. 

Yes, Mars, the planet of passion, sex, ambition and all out intensity typically stays in a sign for no more than a month and half, but this time around it's going to take its sweet ass time to help all turn it out with all the bells and whistles, because this truly will be a period about getting it perfect.

So, with no time or anything to waste, go and conquer...
Organizing, Quantifying, Gaining

Taurus: Loving, Creating, Risking
Gemini: Nurturing, Establishing, Belonging 
Cancer: Expressing, Learning, Relating
Leo:  Spending, Saving, Enjoying
Virgo: Trusting, Thinking, Leading
Libra: Believing, Understanding, Mystifying
Scorpio: Giving, Hoping, Revolutionizing
Sagittarius: Striving, Achieving, Solidifying
Capricorn: Idealizing, Exploring, Expanding
Aquarius: Delving, Sacrificing, Possessing
Pisces: Committing, Balancing, Unifying