Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Neptune goes direct


Happy times are here again, now that Neptune, the planet of delusion, victimization and all out loss of reality is moving forward, and saving ourselves from ourselves. You know it, an all out bonanza of energy to propel us onto new ideals, dreams, positive thinking and hopefully some good karma too. Sure, this might just be switching up one illusion for another, but at least now fate may be a bit kinder...

As for what each sign should know, in terms of dreaming a little farther and aspiring a bit higher, it is as follows -- because as it so happens, this forward motion ho of Neptune will be the last spin around in quirky Aquarius, which it's been since January 29, 1998 and until February 3, 2012, and then never again to return for another 165 years (approximately). So, pay attention...

Aries: It's not that you want to tell everyone what to do, it's that you must.
Taurus: It's great to feel great, especially when doing nothing makes you feel great.
Gemini: You make total sense all the time.
Cancer: It's like you just get just know.
Leo: They really can't stop staring at you.
Virgo:  You are smarter than everyone.
Libra: Everybody likes you.
Scorpio: Everybody wants to be you.
Sagittarius:  Everyone believes everything you say.
Capricorn: There is no such thing as expensive for the likes of you.
Aquarius: Own your superpowers now.
Pisces: You are the most generous person this world has known.